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Welcome to download area for PdbStat program.


In order to download the program you will need a USER and PASSWD, please send an e-mail to tejero@uv.es and you will receive promptly some instructions about the download together with USER and PASSWD data.

At the bottom of this page you have links to download the latest and/or specific versions of PdbStat program. It will ask you for a user and password and you will be allowed to download it. Binaries availale:

  • Linux: 64-bit and 32-bit. The distribution comes with both versions statically compiled so will work (hopefully) on any Linux distro/machine. By default there is a link in bin directory pointing to the 64-bit version that will work only on 64-bit machines. If someone is interested in using the 32-bit version, the link in bin directory should be changed to point to the 32-bit executable.
  • Mac OSX: (64-bit). Installation instructions are the same as Linux versions (see below). Xcode should be installed in the machine. Remember that it has to be run from terminal (no graphics version). Also, things like gnuplot are expected to be installed in the machine in order to work properly. If you have some time to do the test and know how to install (gnuplot, Macports) on the Mac, please use it and let me know how it works in your machine. NOTE: thanks to some testers now it can be installed easily without Macports (libs are provided).


  • Unfortunately there is no separate documentation for the program at this time.
  • Work is in progress to have a PDF document showing commands, use, explanations, theory.
  • Once the program is installed you can always have access to available commands, explanations and some examples through the 'help' facility command in the program.
  • Also, you can find some useful explanations and hints at this wiki from NESG (North East Sructural Genomics). (Thanks to J. Aramini that keeps this info with examples updated).
  • The wiki is referenced in the Nature Gateway PSI-KB site
  • Description of some useful tasks with commands in PdbStat
  • On-line manual

Installation instructions: (I assume installation will be in /usr/local/PdbStat)

  • For the following commands you will need to become root.
  • Download the tar gzipped file to your computer
  • mkdir /usr/local/PdbStat
  • cd /usr/local/PdbStat
  • Extract contents: tar xvfz PdbStatXXXXXXX.tgz
  • make it readable by everybody as there are some initalization files that the code needs to use:
      chmod a+r   -R /usr/local/PdbStat/lib
  • Int he distribution there are two directories bin and lib and a pretty simple bash script pdbstat .
  • Edit the pdbstat script to reflect the PdbStat location in your computer:
      look for PdbStatROOT at the fourth line in the script and make it
      PdbStatROOT=/usr/local/PdbStat (or your choice of location)
  • Just put the pdbstat script in /usr/local/bin (or any place in your PATH) and it will be ready to run.
  • change to any directory where you have write permission and type pdbstat

Download available versions:

  • *Devel* Developmental version for testers (special passwd needed). Current: 5.17 (4/10/2017).

  • Linux: 64-bit and 32-bit:

  • Mac OSX:

    There is an update. Former version had a mistake in the libraries provided so a installation of Macports was required. The libraries in Libs directory have been updated and seem to work well even with no Macports installation (thanks to Philippe Cuniasse for checking)

    • Version 5.10 date 2015-05-12.

(since 2010-03-21)




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